Salvation Air Force

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Salvation Air Force was formed in 1972 by Donnie Gossett and along with his brother, Michael Gossett, toured across Western Canada and the Midwest U.S. The brothers released their first album through Larry Norman on Myrrh Records in 1978 and followed it with 3 self-produced projects Zero Avenue, Prayer Warriors On Parade and Not Sleep Music.

The brothers continued to work in writing songs, plays and musicals as well as performing music in over 20 countries.

SAF reunited in 2004 for the Back-to-the-Blues Festival. In 2005 recorded their first SAF album in 25 years entitled "Bleed The Dream." Joining them from 1972 are Ron Stelting, Leon Rogers and Chuck Kenyon along with Donnie's son, Jordan Gossett and keyboardist Jason Garrett for a mix of rock, blues and funk with a little humour.


  • The Rock And Shock Song / Free Indeed, SAF Records 1974 debut single
  • Strangers In A Strange Land, Myrrh 1977 studio album
  • Zero Avenue, SAF Records 1978 studio album
  • Prayer Warriors On Parade, SAF Records 1979 studio album
  • Not Sleep Music, SAF Records 1980 studio album
  • We Shall Rock!, 2000 best of album
  • Legends Of The Force, 2004 live-in-concert album
  • Bleed The Dream, 2005 studio album
  • The Last Flight, 2006 studio album