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Who was Terry Winter?

Terry Winter (November 1, 1942 – December 10, 1998) was an independent Canadian evangelist of Plymouth Brethren background, based in British Columbia. He had his own television show which was seen across Canada on Vision TV. His program took an intellectual approach to faith.

Terry Winter had a B.A. (1964) from the University of British Columbia and a Doctorate in Pastoral Theology (a predecessor of the D.Min.) from Fuller Seminary.

Prominent Canadian evangelist and broadcaster, Terry Winter passed away suddenly December 10, 1998 of a brain aneurysm.

Terry Winter gained national prominence in 1975 as host of his award-winning Christian television program, "The Terry Winter Show". Airing on 26 major Canadian stations, including VisionTV, the show featured interviews with leading international Christians such as Billy Graham, Charles Colson, Michael Green, John Stott, Tony Campolo and Brian Stiller. Over one million people in Canada and northern US viewed this program weekly. For more than 30 years, Winter conducted city-wide evangelistic crusades across the country.

Holding a doctorate in pastoral theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, Calif., he was a frequent speaker at evangelistic banquets, denominational conferences, theological schools and seminaries. He participated in the Lausanne Conferences on world evangelism and the Billy Graham Conference in Amsterdam, as well as several North American conferences, including the Canadian MB Conference in July 1998.

Source: M.B.Herald Vol. 38, No. 1 http://old.mbconf.ca/mb/mbh3801/winter.htm

Background of Terry Winter

Winter was raised in Naniamo, British Columbia in the Brethren Church; he and his family attended St. John's Shaughnessy Church, a large evangelical Anglican church.

Terry Winter is survived by his wife Joan; son David; daughters Carolyn, Susan and Janice; his father Tim; and sister Kathryn. A memorial service for Terry Winter was held on December 18, 1998 at Broadway Church in Vancouver.

Terry Winter's Seminary Experience Enhanced his Evangelistic Ministry

In interviews John P. Bowen conducted for his Doctor of Ministry thesis, Winter was one of the very few evangelists with whom he spoke who thought that his seminary experience had actually enhanced his evangelistic ministry. During doctoral studies at Fuller Seminary, he had in Paul Jewett a sympathetic supervisor who saw beyond the modernist dichotomy between evangelism and scholarship. In a taped interview, Winter states:
"I happened to like systematic theology, so I did my doctorate in systematic theology and evangelism… My Professor, Paul Jewett, [said,] “Terry, we want you to be a better evangelist, so let’s study systematic theology with an evangelistic application. We need more systematic theologians who are evangelists or evangelists who are systematic theologians.”

Source: 1 McMaster University

Articles Written by Terry Winter

Conrard Grebel University College has an article in their historical archives called "The Christian Church in Canada, A Survey of Protestant Churches and Organizations" compiled by Charles A. Tipp & Terry Winter, Aug. 1970.

Source: http://grebel.uwaterloo.ca/mao/Manuscript%20Collections/HM1.26-PI%2060.htm

Tributes to Terry Winter

  • "Terry Winter was one of the great leaders of our faith in North America. He had a tremendous mind. Of all the people who interviewed me, I enjoyed Terry the most. This is a tremendous loss."
    - Charles Colson, chair of Prison Fellowship International
  • "There are few Canadians who present the Christian faith with stature as has Terry Winter. As a colleague in public witness he has been at the forefront of calling Canadians to consider Jesus Christ as Lord. I will personally miss this dear loving friend."
    - Brian Stiller, President of Tyndale University College & Seminary
  • "Terry was a humble servant of the Lord. He was aware of his personal inadequacies, but wanted to do all he could to help others like himself find meaning in Jesus. He was an evangelist to the non-believer who was open to considering the claims of Christ without emotional pressure."
    - Dr. W. Ward Gasque, President of Pacific Association for Theological Studies in Seattle, Washington
  • "Genuine sorrow has swept across the evangelical movement at the news of Terry Winter's passing. Christians everywhere identified with his authentic witness and ministry. From grieving hearts, we thank God for the profound contribution Terry made to Kingdom work."
    - Gary Walsh, Past President of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada

Source: Evangelical Fellowship of Canada; Dr. W. Ward Gasque; Vancouver Sun